Saturday, May 28, 2016

last post!

Hello readers of my blog! This is my last post for the school year! And I am not going to lie, I am kind of exiting , because that means that summer is (almost) here!!!!!!! So for my last blog post, I shall talk about what I will be doing this summer!

So this summer I will be taking a few trips, and I am really pumped for it! In July my family and I will be going to Seattle to celebrate the 4th of July. Then in August my parents and I are going to take a boat trip to Canada! Then through out the summer there will be a handful of weekends were I go up north with friends.

I'll first talk about going to Seattle in July! So for the last 5 (I think) years, my family and I have made it a tradition to Washington to visit my parents best friends: Rich and Chris. And then it is really nice for my sisters and I because Rich and Chris have 3 kids, so my sisters and them 3 all get to hangout and play board games the whole time! It may sound boring but it is actually so much fun! And then on July 4th, we throw a big party! And at the party we light sparklers and play croquet.

Then in August we are going on a boat trip!! And yet again, we are doing the boat trip with  Chris and Rich, and actually we did a boat trip with them in 2014. And i am super pumped for it, because the last time we did the boat trip, it was one one of the coolest experiences of my life. So Rich and Chris have like a 30ft boat, and we 5 pack up the boat, and live in it for a week, on the ocean. At first when my parents told me we were doing this I was really nervous. Me and my parents and their best friends trapped on a boat for a week in the middle of the ocean?! Nightmare!!! But oh I was so wrong!!! It was amazing! We went fishing everyday, saw amazing views, and even saw killer whales! And I hope this boat trip will be even more spectacular as the one we went on in 2014!

So i hope you guys all have an amazing summer! Filled with fun times, late nights, ice cream, lots of swimming, and SLEEP!!!