Saturday, April 30, 2016

The musical!

Hello everyone! It feels like I have not written to you guys in a while! I think it has been maybe a month! That is really crazy! So the last thing I talked about was my Ireland trip, and all the fun adventures I had. I have also mentioned in previous blogs that I am in the musical at my high school! So because this weekend is closing night, I am going to write about what the musical, Big Fish, is all about!

So I don't really know what I told you guys about the musical, so here we go

The musical we are doing is called Big Fish. Strange name. It is about a father son relationship. The father, Edward Bloom, is an extravagant story teller, and a traveling sales. And his son is named will. The struggle between the two characters, is that Will is all grown up and is coming to this realization that he really does not know his father that well. So throughout the play, Will is trying to figure out the meaning behind each story his father tells him.

It is actually a really interesting musical, and I have enjoyed it so much. My role in the musical is, I am the mermaid. I know what you're thinking "a mermaid?????" But yes, that is correct.

In the musical, the mermaid is one of the characters from Edwards story. Supposedly, the mermaid is the character who teaches Edward how to love, and what love is. Though, in the musical that is not portrayed that well. But it is much better portrayed in the movie. I do not think I have mentioned this, but Big Fish was originally a movie, which was then turned into a musical.

The other characters from Edwards stories are; a giant, witch, red fang, and a werewolf. With the stories Edwards tells, the witch teaches him that you have to live life without fear, and to always live on the edge. Then Edwards teaches the werewolf, who is also the runner of a circus, that it is okay to be who you are, and to never be ashamed of who you are. This message is also what Edward portrays to the giant.

Overall I have really enjoyed this musical! Probably one of my favorit things about this musical, is that every character has an important part in the musical. Because each character helps shape Edward into the person he has become.

So if you have any free time, just look up the musical, or watch a clip from the musical, because I bet you'll enjoy it!