Sunday, February 28, 2016

update :)

hey pals! I do not really have anything to write about, so I am just going to write about what has been happening in my life lately :) So if you had read my last blog post, you would have read that I had a lot of auditions in the month of February. And I am glad to say that, auditions are all over! And the results are great! So just a reminder, I had this month auditions for the spring musical Big Fish, auditions for Someko, and auditions for cabera!

Let us start with Big Fish. So for the audition we just had to sing in a quartet, one person from each voice part, and then we had to do a little dance combo. We started with the dance combo, and it went really well! Then we went to go sing, in our groups, and thankfully I got placed with three of my good friends, so I was not really nervous. Then we sang, and the director stared asking us questions, and I was acting like my regular very goofy self, and I am not going to lie, I was really nervous that he was not going to like me. But I later talked to our choir teacher, and she said he really liked me and thought  I was super funny! And I actually then made callbacks!! AND I THEN GOT A PART! So you can start calling me jess the mermaid, because in the musical, I am the mermaid!

Ok, so the next audition, Someko. And that was the one I was wanted to get into more than anything! So my audition went really well, and I nailed the sight reading and my teacher told me that my high notes were really good, and my high notes are the things I am usually most nervous for, so I really relieved that she told me they sounded good! Then two days after auditions, she called together all the sopranos, and told us that we needed to re audition, and the audition was going to consist of sight reading. And oh my goodness, I was so nervous, but also a little happy cause I new that I kind of made it into final auditions for someko. Then the day of re auditions came around, and I like nailed the sight reading, I had a little mess up on one of them, but that was also because I was so, so nervous, and I even told her. hehe. And then Friday came around, and I got my acceptance letter!!! Oh and I made camera!

So I guess you could say that February was a really good month!



  1. Hey Jess, I had a really good month too. Like you I got accepted into Someko and really can't for the fun that awaits. Maybe to celebrate your success this month you can host a party or a get together with your friends. Maybe even today(being a snowday). I wish you the best of luck in your future though and cannot wait to see how you turnout in the times that are coming. Do you think the future is going to be awesome?

  2. It sounds like great news! It feels good to work hard for something and achieve your goals. I saw you got a unique part and I was proud of you because I know you work hard doing the things in life you like to do. I recently went to ski team states. I didn't qualify but they let me fore-run to test the timing so my persistence allowed for me to race at states which was my goal all season! It is the greatest feeling to succeed in life and the feeling motivates me to work towards my goals. It is great to hear that your hard work paid off! I will see you at the performance!

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