Sunday, February 14, 2016

audition time is here

So now that it is February, the month of auditioning has come, so why not write about it, because it has been the only thing on my mind lately.

As I have said in previous posts, I used to do gymnastics, then I did volleyball, then I quit that and decided to focus on music, as my extracurricular "stuff." So February is seriously the month of auditions, and it is the shortest month in the year. Yay! So currently I have do audition for 3 things, in the span of 21/2 weeks, so if that is not stressful, I do not know what is.

So currently my closest audition is for Someko. Which is my high schools AP choir. Let me explain this. My school had 4 choirs; treble, mens, chamber, and Someko. Treble and Mens choir, are the non-auditioned choirs, and the choirs are open to anyone! Then chamber (the choir I am in), is the honors choir, and the requirements are that you must have had one year of music, at the high school level, and you are a sophomore, and you also have to audition for it. Then there is Someko, which is AP, and the requirements are that you must have had two years of high school music, and you must be a junior or senior, and of course, you must audition for it. And also in Someko there are only 6 spots for each part, which makes a total for only 24 spots in the whole choir. So there is definitely a lot more intensity with getting in. But I am feeling a confident, because I've been doing voice lessons, an extra choir outside of school, and Ive taken piano ever since I was 7.

The next closest audition is for the musical Big Fish, which is OHS's spring musical. And for the audition, I have to do this dance routine, and then sing one of the songs in the musical! And I am really exited about it! Though I have actually no idea what the musical is even about. But I know I am going to have a lot of fun, cause I'll get to spend everyday after school with all my friends, doing the thing I love, which is SING!

Then the last audition in this month, is for Cabrera. Which is the schools choir concert, which is filled with a bunch of solos. And the singers get to show off their other side of singing. Hope that makes sense!

So the next time I write, I am going to know how my auditions went! So I will be updating you guys on that! Wish me luck :))))))


  1. Hey Jess,

    These past few weeks have been crazy as far as stress levels can go. February is definitely a stressful time of year. I auditioned for Someko too, and I was really nervous for it. It didn't help that finals were a couple of weeks before auditions, so I had even more to worry about leading up to it. How did you prepare for all of your auditions in such a little time frame?

  2. Hey Jess,
    I have a lot of auditions this month too! What's pretty cool is that I had to audition for Someko myself and Cabrera and Big Fish(potentially). I understand how you are feeling really stressed out. Maybe to help you not stress out you can practice with all your friends or get help from a music teacher. But hey, you're pretty confident, so I wouldn't worry. Do you think you made Someko?

  3. Hello Jessica my friend,

    Nice blog! I read this and could relate your stress in auditioning to my life. While you are preparing for Someko auditions, I prepared to audition for the philharmonic orchestra. On top of that, ski team is beginning to intensify as states are nearby. I have found that it is best to stop and tell yourself why you are doing so many things in life. It seems like you have already figured this out but if you enjoy being busy with things you love to do, the stress stays away.