Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Looking back on 2015

Man 2015 was such a crazy year. So I might as well talk about it. 

      Well this year I started high school (2014-2015). And that was like really crazy. It was really hard to adjust from Montessori, where there were the same 30 kids in each of my classes, and I had the same two teachers for all my subjects (except gym). To having classes with all the kids in my grade, and also having a different teacher for each subject. It was a lot to take in. Also something that was hard to adjust to was; If you did not do well on a test, quiz, paper etc. you could not redo/retake it. So in Montessori, if you did not do well on a test, my teacher would let you retake it, and then average your scores. So when coming into high school there was quite a harsh awakening, that you only got one chance, and whatever you got the first time was usually the score you got, and there was no changing it. 

     Also at the beginning of the year I was doing volleyball. And now I'm doing theater. And i seriously could not be more happy. I absolutely love the theater community. And duh, I LOVE anything that has to do with  music. The only really tough thing about going from volleyball to theater was; I did not have time to exercise or workout. Because with doing volleyball, I would workout 2 hours everyday after school. And with theater, you have play practice everyday after school for 2 hours, and then you go home and do homework. And you never had time to workout. So this year I did have to learn to eat healthy, and I also had to start working out every weekend, which is hard. But you know, I have got to do it. 

      And of course this year my entire friend group has changed, because I was in volleyball and now i am in theater. Sure, it was tough at the beginning, but now I can say with confidence, that I have found my people. 

      I am now trying to think of big changes that have happened this year, and the last thing I can come up with is; I started driving! So I guess you could say that is a pretty big change. And oh my goodness, and I cannot wait to get my license, because I will then be able to drive myself to school etc. 

      So that's all I really have to say. Until next time.



  1. Hey Jess! This was really fun and interesting to read, I think its a good idea to look back and reflect on your year like you did. You can learn a lot from doing things like this, I had no idea you used to be in Montessori. Do you prefer being with everybody in different classes in high school? That is so cool that you did volleyball and theater, are you doing any of the upcoming shows? I enjoy going to them, I loved Loserville! I am also just as excited as you are to start driving!! Hope you have a great year!!

  2. I was in Montessori until 2nd grade, so I get that the change from one type of environment to another is enough to give them whiplash. In high school, things change so quickly that one minute you're in theatre and the next you're in the marching band (I'm pretty sure that's not the type of music you like, right?). Friends change and leave, and so will you, gaining new friends is easier done than some would think. I wish you luck, Ms. Jessica (gosh darn it, now I can't stop thinking of Marvel's Jessica Jones. Do you watch that show? I recommend not watching it with parents).