Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Ok! So since it is the 15 of December, that means that only 10 more days till Christmas!! So for this blog post, I am going to write about my family's Christmas traditions!


     When I was little I grew up with celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. I know, that makes no sense but let me explain. My dad grew up being jewish and my mom grew up in a not so religious household, so when they got married, they decided that they would put me and my sisters in Sunday school, but we'd still celebrate Christmas. I don't know why they decided this, but they did. Though, in 2006 (when I was 6) we all (my family) decided that we'd only celebrate Christmas. 

    Now that we only celebrate Christmas these are the traditions we do. So usually like a week before Christmas we go to a country club called The U-Club, and the U-Club every year has a Santa Brunch. So we go to the Santa Brunch, and then we go get our Christmas tree. And my family loves getting ginormous trees, I think last year our tree was maybe 12 or 14 feet big! So then we come home and we just put the tree up, we do not decorate yet. 

    Another Christmas dinner my family goes to is a party my dad's lab holds. They call it the PRL Party, PRL stands for Plant Research Lab. So we always go there, and they have a Santa come in and he gives gifts to the children of the couples. I stopped getting gifts when I turned 10. lol. 

     Then Christmas Eve comes, and we have our whole family over, even though the other half of my family is jewish and they celebrate Hanukkah, they still come over. So its Christmas Eve, and thats when we decorate the tree, and it was really funny because last year it took my family like 10 minutes  to get the star on top of the tree, because it was so big! But also on Christmas Eve, my mom and sisters bake these amazing sugar cookies! 

   One other thing that my family does differently, is we only put presents under the tree on Christmas morning, so there is no peeking or trying to guess what the presents are. And of course my sisters and I fall asleep on Christmas Eve, watching either Friends or cheesy Christmas movies!

Merry Christmas! 


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    As you know I absolutely adore reading your posts because you really open up to your readers and let them see into your life. Just like you my family is half Jewish, although we don't actively practice Jewish holidays. I'm sorta running short on what else I can say... Regardless I would love to read more about all the activities of the Thomashow household, because your stories never disappoint! What other types of things do you do for Hanukkah, because part of me has always wanted to experience Jewish festivities, so I will try living vicariously through you!
    Have a good night,