Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why I am who I am pt2

So here I am again, writing for my blog. For my last blog I wrote about a characteristic I have, which was sticking up for myself. And today I am going to write about another characteristic I have, which is...

-Escaping the Negative-

Escaping the Negative is not really a trait I have, but it is more a "thing" I like to do. Escaping the negative means, saying goodbye to the people/things that hurt you, or cause negativity in your life. I do not mean, if your friend is being mean one day to end the friendship, because I understand everyone has bad days, including myself. Though, if you notice a pattern with one of your fiends like: they're being more negative than positive, or everything is always about them. Then it would be time to end the friendship, and escape the negative. 

I have started to notice that since the beginning of high school I have had to end a few of my friendships, because of the negativity. And currently I am in the middle of putting an end to a friendship. It is really upsetting, but I know it is the best thing for me, because I have finally come to the understanding that you should not surround yourself with bad friendships. 

Throughout this year,  I have had to ask myself, what am I doing? If you keep doing this, then you're not going to have any friends? And it's true, if someone has a friendship that is unpredictable, or extremely unhealthy, and they come to their senses that the friendship is extremely negative, and they eventually end the relationship. Then they will have to suffer the consequences of feeling like they have no friends. But this is actually very untrue. I think once you escape the negative friendships, you will start to eventually feel like you have more friends. 

The reason I think that once you end an unhealthy friendship you start to feel like you have more friends, is because, the friends you have are ACTUALLY good friends. And by escaping negativity, you're just creating room for positivity in your life. And going from, more negativity than positivity, to more positivity than negativity, is truly a great feeling. 

I understand that it is extremely hard to stop being friends with someone, that you thought was going to be one of your best friends for ever. But something we have to understand is, having a small number of loving/positive friends is way better than having a large number of negative/fake friends.  


  1. Jessica,

    I think this is a really great blog post. It is hard for a lot of people to share their feelings like this, and I think you did an awesome job at it. I totally understand where you are coming from with ending negative friendships. I myself have found myself in the same situation. As you get older and change, we can realize that some people aren't the same as they were and I find it sad, but at the same time, if they are doing something to make you feel worse about yourself, you often have to think if it is the right friendship to be with. In the past, as I have grown away from people. I have also grown away from the negative vibes I feel brought upon. Have you found with experience that eliminating negative people with negative vibes may seem sad but can actually make you happier? I certainly have. I'm sorry that you have to go through this, but I know you will feel better in the end!


  2. Hey Jessica! I think that you really have an amazing post. Being able to talk openly about things like this and about your own experiences is really hard for some people, but you kind of say what most people can't. I remember freshman year I was in a bad friendship and I wish I knew all of this so I could've ended it sooner. I mean, most of the time I don't think people notice what they do all that much because maybe they don't think it's that bad. When it is pointed out to them they get really upset and then turn it into it being your fault which really is just a huge sign that the friendship needs to end. Friends are supposed to pick each other up, make them feel good, and just be someone to go to when they need a bit of help. It's saddening when it all starts to change because there have been such great memories. People change and I guess that's just the way it is. Being able to escape the negative and be with people that make you happier is really rewarding!

    -Chelsea :)

  3. Jess, this launched me into an existential crisis. This was like super deep and I loved every second of it! I enjoy hearing about your strength to stand up to less than positive things, because it gives me a boost of confidence to do the right thing, like stand up for myself. I know I have had more than my fair share of bad friendship, so I very deeply relate to this, and your struggles. I would love to hear/ read more of these in the future, because as I said they are great, and I relate to your struggles. How do you build up your confidence to end a friendship with someone? Also what types of things do you think I should look out for in a bad friendship?

    I'm proud of you,