Thursday, November 26, 2015


     So today is Thanksgiving, and I decided to write about what my family did this year! 

-2015 Thanksgiving-

     Alright, so I already said that today was Thanksgiving, so I'll than start off with saying how today went!

     So usually for Thanksgiving my family and I go to Seattle or California, and we have Thanksgiving with my parent's best friends. But this year we decided to stay home, and I was actually super exited about staying home. And now that Thanksgiving is done I can say that today may have been the best Thanksgiving ever!

     Today started off by my whole family sleeping in (which was lovely). My mom and dad then started cooking the food, and all that jazz. My dad then brought up the idea of going to see the new James Bond movie; Spectra. And we decided that it would be really fun if we went, because we all had been wanting to go! So we then went to the movie, and it was really good! But we all are pretty sad because it may be Daniel Craig's last 007 movie :(

     We then went home, and the intense cooking started. It started off with my dad making the cranberry sauce. Then my mom and I made the stuffing, potatoes and turkey! And my sister made the green bean casserole. It was quite a stressful experience, but overall it was pretty fun. 

     So then all the food was in the oven, and my family started to have some down time. My dad watched football, and my sister, mom and I decided to watch all the Thanksgiving friends episodes. BTW, my family and I, are huge friend's fans. And it was really funny because one of the episodes was making fun of Chandler and his cranberry sauce, so then my sister and I started making fun of my dad and his famous cranberry sauce. 

     It then rolled around to FOOD TIME! And my whole family devoured the food, in like fifteen minutes. My sister even started to get the meat sweats. And then my sister and I fell into food coma. 

     Then maybe one or two hours later, I went downstairs to grab a bowl of stuffing, because stuffing is definitely my favorite Thanksgiving food! I then grabbed my phone, and texted/called all my friends and family, and told them how grateful I was to have them in my life. 

     Overall today was a great day, and I'm forever grateful to everyone that is in my life. 

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  1. Hey Jessica! I also spent Thanksgiving at home with my siblings, mom, and two uncles. I too, had a great time just spending time with family. My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom's mashed potatoes, they're the best! Although I didn't go to the movies on Thanksgiving, I did go to the movies on Tuesday, and watched Mocking Jay Part 2; It was great! Did you do any Black Friday shopping? Anyway, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!