Saturday, May 28, 2016

last post!

Hello readers of my blog! This is my last post for the school year! And I am not going to lie, I am kind of exiting , because that means that summer is (almost) here!!!!!!! So for my last blog post, I shall talk about what I will be doing this summer!

So this summer I will be taking a few trips, and I am really pumped for it! In July my family and I will be going to Seattle to celebrate the 4th of July. Then in August my parents and I are going to take a boat trip to Canada! Then through out the summer there will be a handful of weekends were I go up north with friends.

I'll first talk about going to Seattle in July! So for the last 5 (I think) years, my family and I have made it a tradition to Washington to visit my parents best friends: Rich and Chris. And then it is really nice for my sisters and I because Rich and Chris have 3 kids, so my sisters and them 3 all get to hangout and play board games the whole time! It may sound boring but it is actually so much fun! And then on July 4th, we throw a big party! And at the party we light sparklers and play croquet.

Then in August we are going on a boat trip!! And yet again, we are doing the boat trip with  Chris and Rich, and actually we did a boat trip with them in 2014. And i am super pumped for it, because the last time we did the boat trip, it was one one of the coolest experiences of my life. So Rich and Chris have like a 30ft boat, and we 5 pack up the boat, and live in it for a week, on the ocean. At first when my parents told me we were doing this I was really nervous. Me and my parents and their best friends trapped on a boat for a week in the middle of the ocean?! Nightmare!!! But oh I was so wrong!!! It was amazing! We went fishing everyday, saw amazing views, and even saw killer whales! And I hope this boat trip will be even more spectacular as the one we went on in 2014!

So i hope you guys all have an amazing summer! Filled with fun times, late nights, ice cream, lots of swimming, and SLEEP!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The musical!

Hello everyone! It feels like I have not written to you guys in a while! I think it has been maybe a month! That is really crazy! So the last thing I talked about was my Ireland trip, and all the fun adventures I had. I have also mentioned in previous blogs that I am in the musical at my high school! So because this weekend is closing night, I am going to write about what the musical, Big Fish, is all about!

So I don't really know what I told you guys about the musical, so here we go

The musical we are doing is called Big Fish. Strange name. It is about a father son relationship. The father, Edward Bloom, is an extravagant story teller, and a traveling sales. And his son is named will. The struggle between the two characters, is that Will is all grown up and is coming to this realization that he really does not know his father that well. So throughout the play, Will is trying to figure out the meaning behind each story his father tells him.

It is actually a really interesting musical, and I have enjoyed it so much. My role in the musical is, I am the mermaid. I know what you're thinking "a mermaid?????" But yes, that is correct.

In the musical, the mermaid is one of the characters from Edwards story. Supposedly, the mermaid is the character who teaches Edward how to love, and what love is. Though, in the musical that is not portrayed that well. But it is much better portrayed in the movie. I do not think I have mentioned this, but Big Fish was originally a movie, which was then turned into a musical.

The other characters from Edwards stories are; a giant, witch, red fang, and a werewolf. With the stories Edwards tells, the witch teaches him that you have to live life without fear, and to always live on the edge. Then Edwards teaches the werewolf, who is also the runner of a circus, that it is okay to be who you are, and to never be ashamed of who you are. This message is also what Edward portrays to the giant.

Overall I have really enjoyed this musical! Probably one of my favorit things about this musical, is that every character has an important part in the musical. Because each character helps shape Edward into the person he has become.

So if you have any free time, just look up the musical, or watch a clip from the musical, because I bet you'll enjoy it!


Monday, March 28, 2016


So by the title you may assume that either; I really like Ireland, or maybe that I am going to Ireland. And it is safe to say, I am going to Ireland! So for this blog post I am going to write about how I super exited about going to Ireland, what I will be doing there, and why I am going to Ireland.

Lets start off with saying that my choir at school goes on a trip once ever three years, and 2016 is the year for a trip. My amazing choir teacher chose to go to Ireland, and I could not be happier with this! So we are leaving in 6 days (I am writing this on Monday, and we are leaving on Saturday.) We will be flying out of Michigan at 3ish I think, and then we will be arriving on Sunday sometime in the morning (Ireland time.) Since there is a 5 hour time change, and they are going to be five hours ahead of us, my sleep schedule will be very off when I get there and when I return. So yes, I am going to Ireland with my choir, and we will be singing and having a BLAST!

What will be doing in Ireland? Well duh the obvious and that is singing. Though we will also be going and visiting castles and museums! And on our free days, the days we are not singing in cathedrals, we get to go visit either the city life or the country side of Ireland. I am leaning toward the county side, and also the coast of Ireland, because I am not that much of a city girl. I am also really exited to just be able to walk around and go on exiting adventures with my best friends.

Though the one down side of this trip is that there are two groups on the planes. Meaning there are going to be two different flights/routes getting into Ireland. And the group that I am in flies back into Michigan at 1 in the morning on Sunday. And also some of my friends are not in my group, but that is okay because I will be getting to spend like 8 days with them all. But really I do not really care about the travel stuff, because I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity to go to Ireland.

The next time I write to guys I will be back from my vacation, and will be sharing pictures and my experiences in the great Ireland.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

update :)

hey pals! I do not really have anything to write about, so I am just going to write about what has been happening in my life lately :) So if you had read my last blog post, you would have read that I had a lot of auditions in the month of February. And I am glad to say that, auditions are all over! And the results are great! So just a reminder, I had this month auditions for the spring musical Big Fish, auditions for Someko, and auditions for cabera!

Let us start with Big Fish. So for the audition we just had to sing in a quartet, one person from each voice part, and then we had to do a little dance combo. We started with the dance combo, and it went really well! Then we went to go sing, in our groups, and thankfully I got placed with three of my good friends, so I was not really nervous. Then we sang, and the director stared asking us questions, and I was acting like my regular very goofy self, and I am not going to lie, I was really nervous that he was not going to like me. But I later talked to our choir teacher, and she said he really liked me and thought  I was super funny! And I actually then made callbacks!! AND I THEN GOT A PART! So you can start calling me jess the mermaid, because in the musical, I am the mermaid!

Ok, so the next audition, Someko. And that was the one I was wanted to get into more than anything! So my audition went really well, and I nailed the sight reading and my teacher told me that my high notes were really good, and my high notes are the things I am usually most nervous for, so I really relieved that she told me they sounded good! Then two days after auditions, she called together all the sopranos, and told us that we needed to re audition, and the audition was going to consist of sight reading. And oh my goodness, I was so nervous, but also a little happy cause I new that I kind of made it into final auditions for someko. Then the day of re auditions came around, and I like nailed the sight reading, I had a little mess up on one of them, but that was also because I was so, so nervous, and I even told her. hehe. And then Friday came around, and I got my acceptance letter!!! Oh and I made camera!

So I guess you could say that February was a really good month!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

audition time is here

So now that it is February, the month of auditioning has come, so why not write about it, because it has been the only thing on my mind lately.

As I have said in previous posts, I used to do gymnastics, then I did volleyball, then I quit that and decided to focus on music, as my extracurricular "stuff." So February is seriously the month of auditions, and it is the shortest month in the year. Yay! So currently I have do audition for 3 things, in the span of 21/2 weeks, so if that is not stressful, I do not know what is.

So currently my closest audition is for Someko. Which is my high schools AP choir. Let me explain this. My school had 4 choirs; treble, mens, chamber, and Someko. Treble and Mens choir, are the non-auditioned choirs, and the choirs are open to anyone! Then chamber (the choir I am in), is the honors choir, and the requirements are that you must have had one year of music, at the high school level, and you are a sophomore, and you also have to audition for it. Then there is Someko, which is AP, and the requirements are that you must have had two years of high school music, and you must be a junior or senior, and of course, you must audition for it. And also in Someko there are only 6 spots for each part, which makes a total for only 24 spots in the whole choir. So there is definitely a lot more intensity with getting in. But I am feeling a confident, because I've been doing voice lessons, an extra choir outside of school, and Ive taken piano ever since I was 7.

The next closest audition is for the musical Big Fish, which is OHS's spring musical. And for the audition, I have to do this dance routine, and then sing one of the songs in the musical! And I am really exited about it! Though I have actually no idea what the musical is even about. But I know I am going to have a lot of fun, cause I'll get to spend everyday after school with all my friends, doing the thing I love, which is SING!

Then the last audition in this month, is for Cabrera. Which is the schools choir concert, which is filled with a bunch of solos. And the singers get to show off their other side of singing. Hope that makes sense!

So the next time I write, I am going to know how my auditions went! So I will be updating you guys on that! Wish me luck :))))))

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Looking back on 2015

Man 2015 was such a crazy year. So I might as well talk about it. 

      Well this year I started high school (2014-2015). And that was like really crazy. It was really hard to adjust from Montessori, where there were the same 30 kids in each of my classes, and I had the same two teachers for all my subjects (except gym). To having classes with all the kids in my grade, and also having a different teacher for each subject. It was a lot to take in. Also something that was hard to adjust to was; If you did not do well on a test, quiz, paper etc. you could not redo/retake it. So in Montessori, if you did not do well on a test, my teacher would let you retake it, and then average your scores. So when coming into high school there was quite a harsh awakening, that you only got one chance, and whatever you got the first time was usually the score you got, and there was no changing it. 

     Also at the beginning of the year I was doing volleyball. And now I'm doing theater. And i seriously could not be more happy. I absolutely love the theater community. And duh, I LOVE anything that has to do with  music. The only really tough thing about going from volleyball to theater was; I did not have time to exercise or workout. Because with doing volleyball, I would workout 2 hours everyday after school. And with theater, you have play practice everyday after school for 2 hours, and then you go home and do homework. And you never had time to workout. So this year I did have to learn to eat healthy, and I also had to start working out every weekend, which is hard. But you know, I have got to do it. 

      And of course this year my entire friend group has changed, because I was in volleyball and now i am in theater. Sure, it was tough at the beginning, but now I can say with confidence, that I have found my people. 

      I am now trying to think of big changes that have happened this year, and the last thing I can come up with is; I started driving! So I guess you could say that is a pretty big change. And oh my goodness, and I cannot wait to get my license, because I will then be able to drive myself to school etc. 

      So that's all I really have to say. Until next time.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Ok! So since it is the 15 of December, that means that only 10 more days till Christmas!! So for this blog post, I am going to write about my family's Christmas traditions!


     When I was little I grew up with celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. I know, that makes no sense but let me explain. My dad grew up being jewish and my mom grew up in a not so religious household, so when they got married, they decided that they would put me and my sisters in Sunday school, but we'd still celebrate Christmas. I don't know why they decided this, but they did. Though, in 2006 (when I was 6) we all (my family) decided that we'd only celebrate Christmas. 

    Now that we only celebrate Christmas these are the traditions we do. So usually like a week before Christmas we go to a country club called The U-Club, and the U-Club every year has a Santa Brunch. So we go to the Santa Brunch, and then we go get our Christmas tree. And my family loves getting ginormous trees, I think last year our tree was maybe 12 or 14 feet big! So then we come home and we just put the tree up, we do not decorate yet. 

    Another Christmas dinner my family goes to is a party my dad's lab holds. They call it the PRL Party, PRL stands for Plant Research Lab. So we always go there, and they have a Santa come in and he gives gifts to the children of the couples. I stopped getting gifts when I turned 10. lol. 

     Then Christmas Eve comes, and we have our whole family over, even though the other half of my family is jewish and they celebrate Hanukkah, they still come over. So its Christmas Eve, and thats when we decorate the tree, and it was really funny because last year it took my family like 10 minutes  to get the star on top of the tree, because it was so big! But also on Christmas Eve, my mom and sisters bake these amazing sugar cookies! 

   One other thing that my family does differently, is we only put presents under the tree on Christmas morning, so there is no peeking or trying to guess what the presents are. And of course my sisters and I fall asleep on Christmas Eve, watching either Friends or cheesy Christmas movies!

Merry Christmas!